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Wenzhou Chengde stainless steel large diameter flange

Specializing in the production of various types of stainless steel flanges, non-standard, 20592-09, 5010-58, and a large number of ready stocks, please contact me if you need it
  • DN15-DN1000

  • 法兰

  • 08

Wenzhou Chengde Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Longwan District, Wenzhou City. It is a company specializing in manufacturing and selling stainless steel. Its products are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, machinery and other fields.

The types of pipe fittings provided by Chengde include: stainless steel pipe fittings, stamping elbows, welded elbows, butt welding elbows, stainless steel big and small heads (reducers), concentric big and small heads, eccentric big and small heads, stainless steel tees, stainless steel flanges, stainless steel four Through, butt welding elbow, thick wall elbow, pressed elbow, cross, etc., more than 1000 specifications.The product has anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, long service life, smooth surface, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, reasonable price calculation, beautiful appearance and strong texture performance.Manufacturing standards: national standard, American standard, Russian standard, Japanese standard, etc.Materials include: 304, 304L, 321, 316, 316L, 310S and other materials. The products produced and operated by the company are widely used in papermaking, shipbuilding, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, bioengineering, natural gas, sewage, construction, medicine, food ( dairy) and other industries.

We are confident to build the corporate image of 'Chengde' and create the brand of 'Chengde'.Pursue perfect quality and make unremitting efforts.And we vow to maintain old customers and develop new customers with excellent after-sales service, preferential prices, complete varieties and promised delivery times.'Management is benefit, product is our character' As the management philosophy of the enterprise, we provide our customers with high-quality products and perfect after-sales service 'Quality, life, and morality' are the three in one of Chengde people. The foundation of enterprise development is indispensable.

The company brings you the guarantee of management with its leading technology and management, repays the vast number of users for their love for Chengde Pipe Industry with good reputation, adheres to the business philosophy of 'everything is for customer satisfaction', and will continue to apply new technologies and new processes , new materials, actively develop new products, provide users with better quality pipe fittings products and better after-sales services, and strive to establish a modern enterprise

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